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More Screenshots:    Powerpuff Girls - Mojo Jojo's Clone Zone

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The Powerpuff Girls are...well, bored! They are doing the same old things, over and over again, every day... brushing their teeth and other such routines...
...that is, until they get wind that Mojo Jojo (the evil monkey genius) has concocted a plan to take over Townsville, and the world! He has created clones who are causing problems throughout the town.


It's the Powerpuff Girls to the rescue! Their superpowers -- and your brainpower -- will be able to save the day (and the world).
Kids can select a place to go, 3 of which are associated with an individual Powerpuff Girl, or follow all 3 girls to an ambitious activity in Mojo's lair (once they've collected enough memory chips in the 3 main activities).


Follow Buttercup on a mission to nab clones (and their memory chips) from the sewer systems. Kids need to use map and direction skills in order to get to each clone.
Help and feedback comes from Professor Utonium, the Powerpuff Girls' creator.


Off to the rooftops with Blossom, who is trapping clones by solving math equations...
...while Bubbles is helping to control the problems at the Dump by spelling words. There are five levels for each activity and these can be adjusted manually if need be. Before getting to the lair, children take part in a fun arcade activity. At the lair, kids work out their language arts skills to break codes and find out Mojo's secrets!


Fun graphics, very good educational content, and an irrestible mission make this software game very worthwhile, especially for fans of the cartoon.


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For Windows/Mac By: The Learning Company  Ages 4-8 Published: 2002

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