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Children's Software Review:    Scooby Doo! Case File #2: The Scary Stone Dragon

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CD-ROM Review: Scooby Doo! Case File #2: The Scary Stone Dragon

For Windows/Mac

By The Learning Company

Released: 2003

Reviewed: November 2003

Our Recommended Age: 6-9

Our Rating: A-





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Scooby and Shaggy have won a free trip to China in this second case file mystery in the Scooby Doo software series. Scooby and the gang make it for Chinese New Year and the opening of Emperor Zhu’s Underground Palace, but a stone dragon come-to-life has been scaring people away! Children are invited to help the gang find clues and solve the mystery of the stone dragon.


Children familiar with the first Case File Mystery will find Scooby Doo! Case File #2: The Scary Stone Dragon has a similar format. Unlike the original Scooby Doo mysteries that were rather challenging (such as Phantom of the Knight and Jinx at the Sphinx), the Case File titles do a fair amount of handholding. As a result, a child ages 6-9 will find these titles doable.


Players need to collect Scooby Snacks, necessary for coaxing Scooby and Shaggy into scary-looking areas. They do so by completing a mixed-up doors activity that requires thinking and prediction skills. Once kids have collected snacks, they can start earning clues and meeting suspects. At the Crafty Lanterns shop, for example, they help shopkeeper Clara Li clean up her lanterns after the Stone Dragon knocked everything over. Kids need to arrange the colorful lanterns in special ways, according to instructions like, “Green lanterns should always hang in corners”.


Each suspect players meet offers a clue. Children keep track of both the suspects and clues in the program’s Case Book, which takes the form of a grid. After finding all the clues and meeting each suspect, children can begin the deduction process. For example, which suspect might use a camera lens cap?


All of the activities are fun, problem-solving games that range from rather straightforward to somewhat tricky, depending on the selected level of difficulty. Throughout the game, kids encounter riddles that lead to the uncovering of printable activities. One game involves testing children’s observation skills with multiple choice questions, some of which touch upon Chinese culture.


Although the game offers some information on Chinese culture at various points in the game, most of these are not presented in a particularly creative way. The educational meat of the game is found in its problem-solving activities.


  • Cartoon graphics, fun storyline, humor intact.
  • Doable challenges. 
  • Difficulty levels and factors that encourage replay.

  • Although elements vary in the game, the program is somewhat short-lived.


Our Rating:




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...MORE (see screenshots and notes from the game)


Reviewed February 2004











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