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More Screenshots:    Scooby Doo! Case File #2, The Scary Stone Dragon

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After consuming impossible quantities of food at a Chinese restaurant, Scooby Doo and Shaggy win a free trip to China. The whole gang wind up in China, just in time for Chinese New Year and the opening of an emperor's underground palace.



A stone dragon seems to have come to life, scaring people away. In their efforts to get to the bottom of the mystery, kids play this activity to earn Scooby Snacks.


In a lantern shop, Daphne and Fred help arrange lanterns on stands. Kids need to follow the rules of how different colored lanterns must be placed on the racks.



This is the only mindless activity in the game: kids simply experiment with costumes as they dress up Scooby.


At the restaurant, kids help Scooby and Shaggy fill take-out orders by closely following recipes. On more difficult levels, they need to combine different measuring tools in order to get it right.


Players use a slingshot to shoot stones at tiles, making sure that tiles next to each other have something in common (color and/or design).


A tiger is blocking the gang's progress. In order to soothe the tiger into a safe sleep, kids need to create music with different instruments and musical notes.

The Case Book holds this grid that helps children deduce who the culprit is.  Players make their best educational guess and choose a suspect.

Finally, the culprit is unmasked!


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Scooby-Doo Case File #2: The Scary Stone Dragon


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