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Toy Review:    Apples to Apples Junior 9+

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Toy Review: Apples to Apples Junior 9+

Board Game

By Out of the Box Publishing

Our Recommended Age: 8-Adult

Our Rating: A+




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Top Pick. We've enjoyed Apples to Apples Junior, designed for kids ages 7-12, for some time now. It has been a favorite of kid testers and adults alike. Apples to Apples Junior 9+ plays the same way, but it features slightly more sophisticated vocabulary words and themes.


What makes the board game series so impressive is its seemingly endless ability to entertain the whole family. It gets kids talking, laughing, and debating—and adults love to play, too! 


The idea is to find the best match of a hand of 5 cards that feature nouns (such as roller coaster, pennies, salt, Africa, and sneezing) with an adjective card (such as messy, smart, easy, lucky, and smelly). If the green card is "lucky", for example, a player might choose "pennies". The thing that makes the game so intriguing is the fact that each player gets to be a judge, and the decision a judge makes can be subject for debate by the others. It's all quite subjective, and players generally have an advantage when they know the personality of other players. 


Should you buy Apples to Apples Junior or Apples to Apples Junior 9+? Either one makes a fantastic choice. The main difference is in the vocabulary (green card words include such things as skillful, fragile, trustworthy, and tame). Also, while some of the red cards in the younger version of the game include such things as Big Bird and Ronald McDonald, the older version includes Harry Potter and Mary Kate & Ashley. Your decision should take into account your children's vocabulary level, but keep in mind that both games entertain children older than 12 (and adults!), and that kids really learn the meanings and the nuances of words by playing the game.




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Reviewed October 2004
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