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Toy Review:    Layered USA Puzzle/Layered World Puzzle

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Toy Review: Layered USA Puzzle/Layered World Puzzle

Wooden Puzzles

By Small World Toys

Our Recommended Age: 4-9

Our Rating: A




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Rich learning opportunities are found in Small World Toys' layered puzzles. The Layered USA Map Puzzle and the Layered World Puzzle are gorgeous wooden puzzles in the company's Puzzibilities line. 


The Layered World Puzzle features two layers of wooden puzzles—The Political World and The Natural World. Underlays are laminated inserts that offer multiple facts about the world, including such things as landmarks and animals. The tray itself contains more facts. Wooden puzzle pieces take the shape of the seven continents as well as bodies of water. Each wooden puzzle layer features 16 pieces. Biomes and animals of the world are featured on the Natural World puzzle layer. This puzzle set is best for children ages 4 to 7.


The Layered USA Map Puzzle (pictured above) is similar, but features more puzzle pieces. Two wooden puzzle layers are included, as well as laminated inserts. One wooden puzzle layer includes 47 pieces and represents a topographical map of the United States, and the other is a regional map featuring 8 large pieces. With the inlays, kids learn states and their abbreviations, as well as multiple facts about population, industry, and more. This detailed puzzle set is best for children ages 5 or 6 to 9.


Both puzzles are finely crafted, large, and pleasing on both visual and tactile levels. They provide a wonderful visual introduction to the planet we live on and to the USA, as children literally piece together these regions. This provides a richer educational experience than simply looking at a map and pointing to the parts that make up the whole. Of course, learning geography is not the only benefit of these puzzles—hand-eye coordination, concentration, and critical thinking skills are developed as well. 


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Reviewed November 2004
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