Toy Review:    Snorta!: The Wild Game of Moos, Meows and More

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Toy Review: Snorta!

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By Out of the Box Publishing

Our Recommended Age: 8-up

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Snorta Game
Snorta Game





This game is a real hoot...and a cock-a-doodle-doo, too! Snorta is a game of memory. It's unique, and parents enjoy playing it as much as their kids. It looks less challenging (and fun) than it really is. Sure, there are cute little barns and a bevy of farm animals in the box, but players really need to pay attention, concentrate, and draw on their memory skills in order to keep in the running. 

Each player pulls a plastic animal figurine from a black bag. They announce their chosen animal to the other players, and then tuck the animal inside a barn. Players then draw a card from their deck and place it in front of them. If the animal on the card matches someone else's animal card, those two players need to quickly make the sound of their opponent's animal. Sounds simple? It isn't! Players need to stay on top of the game, remembering each opponent's animal sound, all the while keeping a close watch on the animal matches. The truth is, players often get stumped. One of the reasons is that the animals on the matching cards are generally not the animals of their opponents. The more people play, the more challenging the game becomes. 

The game can last some time, simply because the object of the game is to reduce your deck of cards to nothing. Each time a player successfully snorts out an opponent's animal sound (at the right time, of course!), they can give their played cards to that opponent.

Games like Snorta are hard to find. Snorta is silly, yet serious, and variations in gameplay make the game appropriate for most of the family. Snorta comes from the same company that made Apples to Apples Jr. Highly recommended!


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Reviewed November 2004
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