Video & DVD Review:    Blue's Big Band (Blue's Clues)

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Top Pick. Preschoolers learn about rhythm and dance in this latest Blue's Clues video starring live-action host Joe and the lovable animated dog Blue.

In the first episode of this two-episode video, everyone's getting ready to play in Blue's Big Band. Joe invites viewers to play a very special instrument along with him--his hands! Blue's instrument is a mystery, and kids play along with a game of Blue's Clues in order to figure out what Blue is going to play in his band. Of course, playing Blue's Clues involves finding clues marked by Blue's big blue pawprint. 

Even Side Table Drawer is musically-inclined in the episode -- she sings a hip-hop number before offering Joe the handy dandy notebook. Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and baby Paprika are playing some music on a washboard.

One of the best things about Blue's Clues is the encouragement children receive to become actively involved with the show. In this feature episode, kids become "members" of the band by repeating rhythms with their hands.

In the second episode, children meet Joe and Blue as they are preparing for bedtime. Viewers join Joe in a game of Blue's Clues to find out Blue's favorite part of the bedtime ritual. The Handy Dandy notebook is shaped like a pillow in this cute nocturnal episode. Unscrambling mixed-up clothes is just one of the fun activities in this especially musically-rich segment. 

The DVD edition has some exciting extras for families who don't already own Rhythm & Blue. Two bonus episodes from this older video are included.

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Blue's Clues - Reading with Blue (VHS) 

Blue's Clues - Blue's Big Band (DVD)

  • Powerful educational content
  • A fun--and active--introduction to music.


  • None noted.


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VHS Paramount Ages 3-6 2003



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