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Kipper the dog and his friends are playing and having a great time in this 60-minute+ video, Kipper Playtime. A quiet pace, subtle humor, and fun stories characterize the Kipper series, and this video is no exception. 

Six play-themed episodes are featured on this video. In one, Pig and little Arnold come to Kipper's home for a visit, and by the end of it all, Kipper is all tuckered out. A "present" is left at Kipper's door in Tiger's Joke Box -- and it is just one of many practical jokes that Tiger is playing on his friends. In another episode, Pig is very attached to his new sweater.

The gentle humor of the series comes shining through in Tiger's Joke Box. Children will giggle with delight when Pig accepts a candy from Tiger's box and revels in its taste as a big blotch of blue covers his mouth, unbeknownst to him. Perhaps the most charming element of the video, however, is its pleasant pace. Kindness prevails at all times, friendship is celebrated, and sharing is a common theme.

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VHS Released 2003 Ages 2-5  



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