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Children's Software Review:

Go Diego Go! Wolf Pup Rescue (CD-ROM)

PC Software Review: Go Diego Go! Wolf Pup Rescue
Children's Computer Game for the PC

By Activision

Our Recommended Age: Ages 2-4

Our Rating: B+

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Based on the television episode with the same name, Go Diego Go! Wolf Pup Rescue takes kids on an animal rescue mission. Preschoolers can choose to follow an adventure format or to play the games separately. There are three difficulty levels, although it should be noted that even on the "Hard" level, this is a very easy game.

A mother maned wolf has lost one of her pups, and it's up to Dora, Diego, and your preschooler to find him. In adventure format, kids work their way through a series of mini-games in order to eventually get to the baby maned wolf. They find hiding baby animals for mother animals, click on rolling logs so that Diego and Dora hop over them, follow the pup's paw prints on trails, complete a puzzle, and a few more activities.

Along the way, kids try to "spot" a baby jaguar, and they collect printable animal cards. Unfortunately, the information on the animal fact cards is not viewable on-screen, which is disappointing because many families don't want to over-use the printer.

As noted above, the games are very easy. As well, they don't vary much as kids play them over again, so the program could be a one-trick pony for some preschoolers. Positive points are a nice design with plenty of options, graphics and story line that stay true to the television series, and hints given when kids make mistakes. A bit of Spanish is spoken in the game - just enough that it's not overwhelming to learn. Spanish counting is particularly emphasized. Kids learn some tidbits about animals, practice "click and drag" skills, and receive a little lesson in the concepts of right/left in a particularly well done mini-game. Overall, the software is a positive experience for little ones, but perhaps not challenging enough for many kids, particularly 4 and over.


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Reviewed: October 2006

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Go Diego Go! Wolf Pup Rescue

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