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Children's Software Review:

Strawberry Shortcake And Her Berry Best Friends (CD-ROM)

PC Software Review: Strawberry Shortcake And Her Berry Best Friends
Children's Computer Game for the PC

By The American Game Factory

Our Recommended Age: Ages 4-5

Our Rating: A-

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Here's a Strawberry Shortcake game that we can recommend. Strawberry Shortcake and Her Berry Best Friends is brimming with multi-level activities appropriate for fans.

Kids choose activities to play in Strawberry Land, earning items for Strawberry Shortcake's new scrapbook as they do. Players choose a level of difficulty as they enter each activity.

Strawberry's cat and dog have made a mess of her home. Players need to find specific items in order to earn a token in this activity (pictured above).

Kids select their reward and that item appears in the scrapbook. It's rather easy to earn rewards, but there are many to earn for each activity.

At Rainbow Float, musical notes are highlighted on a rainbow as the Toucan sings along. However, the bird doesn't remember some parts of a song when he repeats it, and children need to choose notes in order to complete the song--clever!

Pictured above is a juicer activity with Orange Blossom. This was the most addictive for children, so the fact that the activity is also a free-play option in the program's mini-games section makes sense. Kids need to switch fruits around so that at least 3 of the same fruits create a line until the juicer is filled.

Children copy patterns in cake decorating and cookie-making activities. A tree-planting activity is similar--children need to plant trees with the same shape, color, and pattern as the ones Strawberry Shortcake wants in her garden. The Apple Dumplin' activity is special--children are given clues as to where Apple Dumplin' is hiding. The clues take the form of the shape, decorations, pattern, and color of the tree where the baby can be found. The Honey Pie horse-racing activity is good, but the difficulty level (even on the lowest level) seems a bit high in comparison to those of the other activities in the game. Children need to add and/or subtract numbers in order to determine the horse who has the best odds of winning the race. In another activity, Blueberry Muffin relates an interactive story, and kids need to listen in order to find her lost puppy, Cheesecake.

This program boasts a very encouraging format. Children receive positive feedback whether they've successfully completed an activity or not. For example, when a cookie failed to match the given design, kids were told that it "tastes good anyway". Children are never penalized for mistakes--if they want to earn the token, they simply need to repeat the activity. A help icon would have been appreciated, however, because children didn't always listen to the instructions and were occasionally at a loss. They needed to exit the activity and then come back in order to hear the instructions repeated.

Although the educational content is not striking, the game is busy and fun, offering kids plenty to do.


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Reviewed: November 2006

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Strawberry Shortcake: Her Best Berry Friends

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