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More Screenshots:    Powerpuff Girls Learning Challenge #2: Princess Snorebucks

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The Powerpuff girls are going to sleep with their new music box they think was a gift from the mayor. Will they have sweet dreams?  The music box is playing not-so-sweet tunes, giving the girls nightmares.



The spoiled Princess Morbucks has an evil plan to become a Powerpuff Girl. The music box has trapped the real Powerpuff Girls in nightmares, and kids need to enter their dreams to help save the day!


In Bubbles' nightmare, players must return the acorns to the poor squirrels. The Gangreen Gang has cruelly stuffed the acorns in pinatas, and it is up to Bubbles to bust the pinatas open by matching objects with their Spanish names.



The more aggressive Buttercup is having a bad dream indeed--she must plant flowers in Bubbles' garden...


...according to fractions! Children plant the correct quantities of flowers in Bubbles' garden.


Roaches are infesting Blossom's diary, and kids need to put the sentences back in order.


As kids play the activities, they earn "wake-ups" that will help them disable the music box.


Once the music box is disabled, the girls are freed from their nightmares. But, is the nightmare really over?

The final activity in the game involves defeating monsters and undoing the damage they have caused throughout the town.


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The Powerpuff Girls Learning Challenge 2: Princess Snorebucks


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Powerpuff Girls
Powerpuff Girls
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