Video/DVD Review:    Brainy Baby: Animals

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Children's DVD Review: Brainy Baby: Animals

Brainy Baby Company

Released: 2002

Reviewed: April 2004

Our Recommended Age: 2-5

Our Rating: B









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This exploration of animals--from animals with stripes to animals with wings--is not just for babies. In fact, many of the facts offered by the video/DVD will go over younger children's heads. However, for preschoolers, Brainy Baby Animals offers plenty of live-action footage of animals and some interesting information as well. Kids are introduced to llamas, urchins, tarantulas, and more. They enjoy a music video of Old MacDonald, learn that a cow has four stomachs, watch the hilarious antics of monkeys, learn the names of animal groups (pride, herd, pod, etc.), and watch the "animal alphabet". 


Words appear on the screen as each new animal is introduced, and classical music runs along with the narration.


This video is engaging for preschoolers and even children a little older, but may not hold the attention of toddlers.



Our Rating:




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Reviewed April 2004
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