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Children's Toy/Game Review:

Squint Junior

Toy/Game Review: Squint Jr.

Board Game

By Out of the Box Publishing

Our Recommended Age: 8-up

Our Rating: A

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Such fun! We love Out of the Box games (our favorite one for kids is Apples to Apples Junior), and this new product didn't disappoint. Squint Junior is a kid-version of the popular Squint Party Card Game.

Players lay out all of the 48 transparent shape cards on a table. The first player to start the game looks at a card of a completed picture, keeps it quiet, and then proceeds to swiftly build the shape to the timer. Other players (you'll need at least 3 players total) do their best to guess what the first player is building. Is it a slice of pizza? A leaf? A top hat? The player who correctly guesses the mystery picture wins a chip, and so does the first player. Each player gets a turn building pictures, and children decide how many "rounds" to play before determining the winner of the game--whoever has accumulated the most chips.

Squint Junior plays similarly to charades and Pictionary. In order to build the pictures, players generally need to overlap the transparent shape cards. It's a fun abstract exercise, and squinting truly does help players guess the mystery pictures! Our kid testers also enjoyed building their own freeform pictures with the shapes. As with other games by the same publisher, game rule variations are offered.


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Reviewed: February 2006

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