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Video/DVD Review:    Baby Road Trip: Jungle

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Children's Video/DVD Review: Baby Road Trip: Jungle

Baby Road Trip

Released: 2003

Reviewed: June 2004

Our Recommended Age: 1-4

Our Rating: A-









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Live-action video, puppets, and toys make up the visuals in this intriguing video/DVD offering that invites children to go on a road trip from the comforts of their own homes. 


The musical soundtrack for Baby Road Trip: Jungle is fresh, fun, and jungle-themed. Jungle rhythms, "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands", and melodic sounds of the wild are a welcome change from the classical music that so often dominates baby video soundtracks.  


Although the jungle is the destination of choice, the video is broken down into segments that introduce little viewers to colors. For example, "orange" is demonstrated with an orange crayon, a vivid flower, and a child with painted hands. Words like "lion" and "zebra" are spelled out onscreen, letter by letter. Children are treated to beautiful scenes of waterfalls, jungle animals, butterflies, and more live-action sequences. Funny surprises involving puppets and toys keep young children's attention. The narration is somewhat sparse, so parents will need to be involved to help boost the vocabulary-building value of the video — which, of course, jives with the producers' belief that videos should be a shared experience rather than a babysitter.


In recent years, the "baby video" market has become vast, with some series now mass produced. The Baby Road Trip series is friendly and sincere. Although the basic "formula" (of puppets, live-action sequences, and toys) used is not particularly new, the music is refreshingly original, and the videos work, engaging children and offering them a fun look at favorite destinations. We found this series comparatively upbeat and humorous — and well worth the trip!


Also available: Baby Road Trip BEACH and the forthcoming Baby Road trip CIRCUS.


Our Rating:




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Reviewed June 2004
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